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"Maybe I'll just lay here until they get back and rest my eyes..."

Still here. Barely.

I decided, when I noticed cobwebs were starting to collect dust in the corners of my blogging dashbard, that I should probably post something today to explain my atypical absence. In addition to three ongoing design projects for clients, I’m working on a redesign of this site, spinning off the How to Ignore a Recipe […]

eBook Giveaway: "The Small Business Blogging Blueprint"

Well, my fabulous friends, I’m on vacation! Before you start lecturing me about the dangers of revealing travel plans to the blogosphere or twittersphere and the remote possibility that someone might find my home address and strip my home of all its wealth, please be advised: The only things I truly value (my wife and […]

Moon rocket crash stirs debris, showering Nobel Peace Prizes on everyone!

Moon rocket crash stirs debris, showering Nobel Peace Prizes on everyone!

This just in: a NASA rocket, designed to intentionally crash into the moon, has stirred up an enormous cloud of moon matter that is now entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Among that debris, thousands of little Nobel Peace Prizes were present, and the first of these awards landed directly in U.S. President Barack Obama’s lap. “We […]

"Without Models: A Brigitte Initiative"

Brigitte Magazine = for Modeling?

Is Brigitte’s decision to only portray “real” women a move against the size-zero culture or a move toward cheaper modeling contracts? The popular German women’s glossy Brigitte has announced they will no longer hire professional models, according to an article released on October 6 on Beginning January 2010, the magazine will replace its models […]

Dear Federal Trade Commission

Dear Federal Trade Commission

Blog Salad is a beacon of morality. Uh, yeah. Well, whatever, I’m a good guy so I’m coming clean with the FTC before the new rules take effect on November 1!   (For those seeking more information about the new regulations, click here for a great post from Dear Federal Trade Commission, Hey!  Haven’t heard […]

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Why does Hollywood exonerate Roman Polanski?

Do celebrities actually believe in Polanski’s innocence, or simply pity the fugitive director’s past?

FTC: Bloggers Must Disclose Product Review Perks

FTC: Bloggers Must Disclose Product Review Perks

New FTC rules will require bloggers to disclose any compensation received for product reviews.