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Day 31 – So what’s next?

Today’s the last day to enter the Blog Salad $2000 Web Design Giveaway. [intlink id=”2567″ type=”page”]Click here to enter before it’s too late![/intlink] I will announce the winner via live video broadcast, here on Blog Salad, at 1:00 p.m. MST (3:00 p.m. EST) tomorrow, 1 June 2010. Also, don’t miss the WordCount Blogathon Wrap Party […]

Social Icons: Bookmarking vs. Networking icons

Social Icons: Bookmarking vs. Networking icons

The deadline for the Blog Salad $2000 Web Design Giveaway is May 31! [intlink id=”2567″ type=”page”]Click here to enter.[/intlink] Today’s post is an incomplete answer to the third and final question posed by fellow blogger Susieee! Mac (“What are the most important icons/widgets/gadgets to add to my blog?”).  In fact, the complete answer to that […]

Day 29 – Farewell, Dennis Hopper

I’m spending some quality time with my family today, so this will be my shortest post of the Blogathon, possibly even shorter than the one I made on my maintenance page [intlink id=”2467″ type=”post”]when I broke my site[/intlink]. I’m nearing the one year anniversary of my mother’s death after a tough battle with cancer, so […]

Editing Blog Photos with HTML

Editing Blog Photos with HTML

Today I’m covering fellow blogger Susieee! Mac’s second request from early in the Blogathon: How to fine tune photos/images using HTML

Knowledgewebb: Guest Blogger Julie Sturgeon

Today you’ll hear from Julie Sturgeon, the marketing director at, an amazing online educational resource for bloggers, writers, and those who work in, on, and around the web.