5 responses to “Day 1 – Topic/Concept”

  1. The Writer's [Inner] Journey

    Love this! I voted, but would actually have preferred a category that read: A blog about design et al + humor. So there you go!

  2. Jennifer Fink

    I somewhat agree with Meredith. I voted for humor too — because I’ve loved your work in the past – but I would hate to see BlogSalad “just” become a humor blog. You have too many things to say about too many things.

    What I liked about BlogSalad as a catch-all is that it reflected you. You’re not just a humorist, or just a web designer or just a dad. You’re all of that and so much more. I like a blog that reflects the blogger, and BlogSalad, in my opinion, did that.

  3. anjuli

    What a wonderful blog update- Its been a LONG day- and I’m about to go to sleep- but decided to see who else was doing the blogathon– your blog ‘woke me up’ with some laughter- excellent- I look forward to reading more!

  4. Babette

    I’m thinking any blog you do, no matter how geekie or techie, will be laced with humor…how could it be otherwise.

    Congrats on the start of the blogathon…I am watching for Day 2 from everyone…