Day 2 – LAYOUT – Let’s get organized!

Yes, I know, my blog looks like it was created in 1994. Here’s why: For the next 31 days, you will decide the fate of my blog’s design. I’ll walk you through the stages of development and you’ll vote. I will make changes daily based on the results of my polls. Polls will stay open for one week, just to keep things interesting.

Okay, here’s a fact: I’m very organized online, very messy in real life. I have two toddler daughters, one of whom is nicknamed Destructicon. And when I do clean up, I tend to go overboard:

Cleaning up after Destructicon

"Think outside the box, Dad. No, seriously."

Long, long ago, in a land before AOL, almost all websites looked like this one does today—sprawling scrolls of text, ugly purple and blue hyperlinks, very little formatting.  Fortunately, the addition of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) make it easy to
keep things organized and adorable on your blog or website.

Here are four of the most common layouts for blogs:

Common Blog Layouts

Two-column blogs give lots of room for the actual blog post content, but struggle with long-tailed sidebars if bloggers add too much.  Three-column blogs give room for advertisements, archives, Twitter feeds, and all that other wacky stuff that goes in a sidebar, but they eat up valuable content space and can look cluttered.

But, in any case, my blog’s fate is in your hands.  Please complete the poll below!

Not in the mood to vote?  Leave a comment explaining why you decided on your blog’s layout!


3 responses to “Day 2 – LAYOUT – Let’s get organized!”

  1. Sara

    You are brilliant to use the Blogathon as an opportunity to redefine your site. Really, what a great way to get other bloggers in on the act.

    I should do something similar. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Michelle Rafter

    And I might add, a darned clever way to keep people coming back to his site day after day. That Ron, always thinking. 🙂

    Michelle Rafter