Day 3 – Navigation Menus

It’s Day 3 of Blog Salad’s crowdsourced design project. Every day, for 31 days, you vote and I design. And the people have spoken! Based on votes from [intlink id=”2357″ type=”post”]Day 1[/intlink] & [intlink id=”2363″ type=”post”]Day 2[/intlink], this is now a humor blog about design, technology and all things geek—and a three-column blog with 2 sidebars. Don’t forget, all polls are open for one week, so things can still change around here!

We’re only three days deep and already this experiment has taken me to an unexpected place. Yesterday, this blog was a sprawling single column of content, scrolling like something from the Dead Sea. Okay, that wasn’t funny. But this is:

But I digress, my fellow piranha-like bloggers. Today is not about European Union political antics, Katie Couric saying “poppycock,” former representative Eric Massa’s groping of a male staffer, or Glenn Beck’s funny-looking head. Today is about navigation menus.

Yes, I know, navigation menus are not sexy. In fact, they’re downright boring. But here’s the thing—if they don’t work, everyone notices.

A bad navigation system on any website is scarier than being stared at by a toe looker or a someone with flighty-fawn eyes and more frustrating than losing episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” when your DVR explodes.

At this point, there are actually four navigation menus on Blog Salad. Crazy, right? There’s the little one beneath the title that takes you to all of the static pages (be sure to visit the [intlink id=”2373″ type=”page”]Blogathon page to see a list of all 111 participants this year[/intlink]!). In the left sidebar, there are three menus that display Recent posts, Archives, and a Random selection of posts.

But really, what do you really need? When you visit a blog, what pages do you think are essential?

With that in mind, here’s today’s poll question: