Day 4 – STYLE – Let’s get fashionable!

Alright folks, you’ve decided this is a three-column, content-centered blog. I’m writing about design, technology, and general geekiness.  And I’ve included every menu item that you deemed mandatory.  We’re humming along the blog highway, windows down, and my hair is getting really messed up—that’s a good sign.

Today may be the most important decision of the entire design process.

It’s one that will have the most profound impact on the overall look of this blog, for sure—and I’ll be Frank, er, Ron about this and say that I’m a little nervous.

Why?  Because I’m not fashionable.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand what looks good and doesn’t.  I can pick outfits (and web designs) for others all day long.  I can sew and know how to put on cuff links and even tie a bowtie.  But, when it comes to making a decision for myself, and when it comes to my blog, I’m mostly useless.

It’s a shame, really. I used to be a hipster, comfortably wearing my father’s vintage pearl-snap Western shirts, donning leather bracelets and wearing my hair in a variety of ways.  Once, for a single day, I even sported an A-style undershirt (aka “Wife Beater”) and the classic Hipster Buffalo Bill soulpatch and poorly-cultivated mustache:

Terrible, but true. Ron, circa 1999.

Terrible, but true. Ron, circa 1999.

No, that’s not a real tattoo on my arm. That’s a henna tattoo, or as the real hipsters call it, mhendi.  I used to be so cool.  Today, not so much.  My wife occasionally tells me what to wear and I do okay.  She sends me to H&M when I’m in New York.  But on most days, sweatpants and solid colors dominate:

Another day at the office.

Another day at the office.

On the upside, working on a netbook at a toddler-sized table does make me look and feel like a giant.

Alright, getting to the point: Blog Salad is a place where I can drop my sweatpants and let it all hang out.  Yikes. Yes, that’s what I said.  No time to waste on the Delete key; I’ll regret that sentence later.  We need to move forward!

Most web designs, in my limited opinion, group into one of the following three categories:

  • Web 2.0: Thin borders and dividing lines, minimal layers, often employs shading elements, gradients, graphics, often uses a wide variety of colors.
  • Clean, Minimalist or Whitespace: Few or no lines and borders, single layer, text is the primary design characteristic, not always black-and-white but often monochromatic, often employs grid layouts.
  • Grunge or Baroque: Heavily-textured, many layers, often employs real-life images and elements, heavy shading and graphics, often natural or urban color schemes.

And, naturally, there are many, many blogs and websites that defy these boxes and pull elements from each.  Thanks to having over 130 fellow Blogathoners to ogle, I’ve found some great examples. Carson Brackney‘s blog uses classic Web 2.0 lines and shading with minimalist color scheme.  And he tried writing for content mills, for 48 hours straight.  That’s my kind of mad scientist. Jennifer L.W. Fink‘s Blogging ‘Bout Boys uses the layering and textures of a grunge design, but keeps it clean.  Well, except for when she’s encouraging her boys drop raw eggs from high places. That’s my kind of home-schooling super mom.

But what about the Blog Salad?  What should it be?   Here’s your chance to help me decide:


Not interested in voting today?  Think I’m a lunatic?  Please leave a comment below instead.


13 responses to “Day 4 – STYLE – Let’s get fashionable!”

  1. Hilda

    Okay, I’ve voted on every element so far, but this one leaves me drawing a blank! I’ll take the lemming, non-hipster approach and go along with what ever the crowd decides… but just this once 😉

  2. Jackie Dishner

    I’m going for baroque. Ha!

  3. Alexandra Grabbe

    Great idea to ask your readers. Liked the photo of you working at the toddler table. I also thought the question was hard to answer. I tend to prefer less clutter, and easy to read, so voted for minimalist.

  4. Susan Weiner

    Looks like a 3-way tie, Ron.

  5. Amy Kocur

    The reason I chose web2.0 for you was a simple one: you mentioned it includes a variety of colors, you have ‘salad’ in your blog title. I want a colorful salad.

  6. Rachel Vidoni

    I have to say I voted for Web 2.0 which sounds like it has more options. Judging from your dropped pants (virtually of course) and your comments on FLX, your site should represent your personality and humor, which is, well… not minimalist. Also as a designer I’d want to hire someone whose own blog design knocked my socks off, rather than a monochromatic, minimalist design. It’d be like having Emeril serve you dinner, and instead of getting BAM! you got pasta with alfredo sauce, white-bread toast, and boiled cauliflower. It might taste amazing, but you probably wouldn’t order from Emeril again. Personally, I’d like to eat your salad visually first. Figuratively speaking, of course. Just my two cents.

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