Day 6 – What a mess

Ahoy there, fellow blogarinos!

We’ve reached the stage of the design process I like to call, um, hell. Well, not really hell.  This is web design hell. No, today is more like a slightly rough patch of water on the River Styx—where there are enough different elements in play that it causes some major messiness.  In fact, if you check on this blog throughout the day, I guarantee it will look different as time passes—but maybe not in a good way.  Sometimes you have to make things worse before you can make them better.

To review, Blog Salad readers have so far decided that:

  • Blog Salad is about technology, design, and other geekiness that uses humor to get there.
  • Blog Salad will use a three-column, content-centered design
  • Blog Salad will have navigation menus that access Home, About, Contact, Archives and Categories
  • Blog Salad will employ a Web 2.0-style design
  • Blog Salad’s color scheme must include green, rust and tofu cream.

Remember, all the polls are still open, so the above can likely change with two or three more votes in any particular area.  So, want to stir up the River Styx?  Go take a look at posts from the last five days and do your worst!

No poll today; I’ve got plenty to do.  See you tomorrow!

2 responses to “Day 6 – What a mess”

  1. Alexandra Grabbe

    I like the rust and the green. But then I voted for them. Tofu-cream, as well. I think it is really challenging to give you advice because it is not clear to me where the different colors will go. I will check back later to see if there’s been any change …