5 responses to “Day 10 – The Feed Bag & The Divine Spark”

  1. Michelle Rafter

    Affirming that when it comes to starting a blog, forgetting the competition is a must. Yes, there might be hundreds or thousands of people writing on the same subject, but they’re not you, and you, whoever you are, bring your own experience, style, voice, geography, reference points and skill set to a project. Do what you’re going to do, and aspire to be better at it than anyone.

    Michelle Rafter

  2. Babette

    I love seeing what other bloggers love to read. I always a new something to add to my list of favorites…

  3. Su-sieee! Mac

    Hoo-boy! Came over tonight to check out your blog. You got me hooked on Day 4. So far I’m up to speed on skills. I can hardly wait for the day when you’ve taken me into unknown territory. And, it looks very soon! Gulp.

  4. Meredith Resnick

    Echoing big time what @Michelle said. Loving the evolution of your blog, Ron. And thanks for the shout out – it means a lot.