Day 13 – I brokes it, mommy!

As a few of you may know by now, I broke my site yesterday.  I was attempting to change the PHP page template to reflect the changes chosen by [intlink id=”2467″ type=”post”]voters on Day 12[/intlink], found myself caught in a <div> tag sublayer of Hell, and ran out of the time allotted in my schedule for working on Blog Salad.  So, I did what web designers and administrators that can’t fix a problem do best—I put up a Maintenance page.

Here’s what the page said:

Day 13 – Blog Salad Down!

Well, it was bound to happen—it’s an essential part of every blog redesign—this site is broken! More specifically, I tried making some complex changes, broke it, and ran out of time. I’ll have it back up and running by tomorrow. Please accept my humblest apologies, please revel in the superstitious truth that this happened on the 13th day of the Blogathon, and please accept this as my blog post for the day.

If you desperately need to contact me, please email me (ron AT rondoylewrites DOT com) or send me a tweet (@rondoylewrites). Sorry for the inconvenience!

So there you go.  Sorry about that.