Day 19 – Who am I, again?

Way back on [intlink id=”2357″ type=”post”]Day 1[/intlink] of the Blogathon I asked readers to tell me what this blog should be.  Guess what I forgot?  The title and tagline.

Quick history: Blog Salad is a name I tossed (some pun intended) into the ring because I was incapable of seeing myself talk about one topic for more than four minutes, which is approximately how long it takes to make a soft boiled egg.  Here’s a great recipe for soft-boiled egg salad and toast:

Wait. Stop. See what I mean? I get distracted easily.

Anyway, Blog Salad was a gallimaufry, a hodge-podge, a salmagundi of my ideas and interests. Salmagundi is like the love child of a Cobb Salad and an Antipasto platter, by the way. It almost always has hard-boiled eggs.

But Blog Salad was born within the thin, calcified shell of the domain, my personal portfolio site, a place where Blog Salad would always live hidden, incubating under the haunches of my name, functionally ineligible for Bloggies or Webbies or whatever silly awards that could possibly come its way. Advertising to prospective editors visiting my portfolio felt awkward for some reason.  Blog Salad had outgrown it’s shell and it was time to crack out of that joint, lest it wind up like Filipino balut (vegetarians, et al, you may not want to know what balut is. Click at your own risk).

I waited until the day when domain registration for expired, and the next morning discovered that some sniper/squatter had snatched it up before me.  So, was born.

Some people don’t like the name; admittedly, it is a little weird. Not balut weird, just not catchy. But I like that it’s sort of a palindrome. And it’s silly and redundant. I like when things are repeated for emphasis. Repeating things for emphasis is a powerful way to get a silly message across.

Okay, that little piece of history was not as quick as I’d hoped. Sorry.

Back to the future: you, my darling blogarinos, have decided that Blog Salad is not about just anything, it’s about a couple things—technology, design, and general geekiness, all layered in a thick spackle of humor.  Fair enough.  But you have yet to decide on one important thing: is this Blog Salad or Blog Salad Blog?

Furthermore, as far as taglines go, “All the blog that’s fit to eat” doesn’t cut the mustard that belongs beside a really good salmagundi. And it doesn’t really succinctly explain what’s going on here.

A tagline a blog’s ten-second elevator pitch; it’s what one blog says at cocktail parties when another attractive blog asks the question, “So, what do you do for a living?”

So, what does Blog Salad (or Blog Salad Blog) “do for a living?”  Do you think taglines are lame and Blog Salad Blog (or Blog Salad) should be the strong, silent type that doesn’t answer that question, no matter how short the skirt of the other attractive blog at the cocktail party?  Please leave a comment.

10 responses to “Day 19 – Who am I, again?”

  1. Jackie Dishner

    Um. I think you should have a tagline.

  2. landguppy

    Blog Salad Blog sounds like a command from See Dick and Jane. Run, Dick, run! Blog, Salad, Blog. That’d be some very clever salad. I was thinking of changing Cooking with Mia to See Mia Cook — because she’s a kindergarten teacher. But I think Husband would shoot me if I wanted to change blog names at this point.

    Blog Salad. Keep it. Shoot the squatter.

  3. Michelle Rafter

    My only advice: choose your tagline line carefully. Once it’s up there, you’re stuck with the words in it and what they stand for better or worse. If you have one, make it means something related to what the blog’s about – but don’t make it so narrow you don’t have room to breathe, grow, ruminate, etc.


  4. Jennifer Fink

    Hmmm…tagline. As I was pondering your tagline and your blog title, it hit me that “Blog Salad” is really a good name for what your blog has become, at least this month. It’s a whole bunch of stuff tossed together to make a blog. Your blog, right now, is sharing a lot of blog/tech knowledge with the rest of us. I haven’t developed that line of thinking into a tagline yet — and you probably wish I was using this much brain power on my own website! — but it’s there somewhere.

    This is the kind of thing I need to let percolate for a bit.


  5. The Writer's [Inner] Journey

    My tagline came to me in the vary early phases of creating the blog, way before it went live. I needed to be able to focus on something in order to be able to articulate to others (say, people I really wanted to interview) what I was trying to achieve. So, yes, I’m in favor of the tagline–for you and for your audience.

  6. Su-sieee! Mac

    I enjoyed saying Blog Salad Blog 5 times really fast, so I voted for it. To me, taglines are what I think of as the under-the-breath silly and/or smart comments that people often remember as being said. A tagline not on this blog would seem naked.

    Talking about balut, check out this post from a HI foodie. Forewarned: Pictures!

  7. Kristie Sloan

    I’m for taglines – serious or silly. Sometimes it gives just a hint of the “flavor” of the site. I’ve really enjoyed your blog this month. Thanks for letting us help toss the salad.