WordPress.com Stats plugin is broken (UPDATED: Fixed!)

Update (11:08am MST):

Looks like things are back online—some folks are reporting that they need to reset their passwords to get the plugin to display stats correctly, but I only needed to refresh (F5) in Firefox.

We can all go back to measuring our self-worth by a little chart! For those of you that got hammered or are still outside staring at trees, sorry I was wrong about how long the fix would take. 😉

Update (10:59am MST):

Good news—it appears that the plugin is still tracking stats, even if it looks funky. For those really obsessed with their numbers, you may want to leave the plugin enabled.

Still no word on the fix from the developer. I suspect it could be a while. Hunker down, go outside and look at a tree, drink until you can’t feel feelings anymore. But don’t expect your little line graph today. Actually, don’t expect to see it ever again—it’s going to be a bar graph instead.

Update (9:58am MST):

Be sure to leave comments and check for updates in the comments area on WordPress.org.  I’ll try and post significant changes throughout the day.


For self-hosted WordPress folks, the WordPress.com Stats plugin may be broken. Go to Plugins > Plugins in your Dashboard and deactivate it. Until the developer fixes the bug, you won’t be able to track stats with it.
I’m totally guessing here, but the issue may be caused by a few things:

WordPress.com Stats Broken

1) The plugin developer is making a shift to a new charting system called Flot, and according to this post here says they will roll out the changes to plugin users after they “iterate on the new design.”

2) WordPress.com is fed up with all of us self-hosted folks milking their bandwidth for stats via their API.

3) Something I haven’t considered yet. What are your ideas?

If you already have Google Analytics set up for your site, you can install the Google Analyticator plugin, which will display Analytics stats directly in your WordPress dashboard. I’m also a fan of WassUp, another stats tracking plugin, but some folks don’t like it.

Good luck out there in WordPress land; you might need your umbrellas today.

3 responses to “WordPress.com Stats plugin is broken (UPDATED: Fixed!)”

  1. Talina

    Thanks for the post! Mine is broken 🙁 Was wondering what the issue was. Now I know.
    Thanks again.

  2. Pit

    Thank you for the info, like Talina I thought it was my site as well.
    I hope this issue gets fix soon!


  3. Paul

    Was thinking it was something i had done messing around with htaccess lol. Good stuff all working fine now wp v3.01