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Yes, that's a ziploc baggie full of dog doo.

Has Recycling Jumped the Shark?

Got this free sample at the 16th annual Furry Scurry, a Dumb Friends League charity, two mile walk/run and expo with over 6,000 dogs in attendance:

WordPress Widgets Everywhere–or Not?

WordPress widgets are lovely little nuggets of content that display across all pages and posts. Sometimes, however, you want to control where they go. That’s where conditional widget plugins come in. Which is the best? First, a video introduction to WordPress widgets by Dan at I love this video not because it has great […]

Guest Post: Websites for Writers

Guest Post: Websites for Writers

I’m guest blogging over at today on how the objective of a writer’s website should affect its design. Is your website an appetizer, an entree, or a dessert? If you don’t know, click here to find out.

REACTION: McDonald’s Marketing and Ronald McDonald Come Under Fire –

The link: McDonald’s Marketing and Ronald McDonald Come Under Fire – Here’s why I support the 550 health professionals who penned this open letter to McDonald’s: In elementary school, bullies and insensitive twits called me Ronald McDonald (and Ronald Reagan). Please, by all means, kill that stupid clown. I can’t support, however, an argument […]

Um, hello? Anyone? I'm still here!

The Ten Biggest Mistakes New Bloggers Make

As usual, the sassy, self-referential and sometimes solipsistic world of blogging is chattering about how to be a blogger, as if all readers of blogs are writers of blogs, which may be mostly true but certainly must bug the bejesus out of folks who prefer reading news and commentary online but still think blog is […]


I thought I’d hop on for a minute and add my solo to the chorus.