A little mathematical perspective

I thought I had a terrible day, but then I added things up:

-1 = Pulling onto a road shoulder that doesn’t exist and getting car stuck
-1 = Completely blowing my stack
+1 = My wife giving me a reason to calm down
+1 = The charity of strangers with a towing strap
-1 = Hiking up Berthoud Pass when out of shape
+1 = The breathtaking majesty of nature
-1 = Breaking the bindings on a pair of borrowed skis
+1 = The generosity of the lender
-1 = A terrible, slow run down Hell’s Half Acre
+1 = The patience of good friends
-1 = Missing a second run because I got such a late start
+1 = The ridiculously deep and delicious snow
-1 = 20lbs of snow and ice sliding off a restaurant roof onto me
+1 = Sumptuous Italian wedding soup, pizza and greek salad inside
+1 = The squeals of my daughters on sleds
+1 = Being in the mountains, under any circumstances
+1 = Being with my family and friends, under any circumstances

+3 = I had a good day after all.

Snowbeard the Pirate

Photo by Kyle Hubbard

One response to “A little mathematical perspective”

  1. Sarah

    Cute story, Ron.