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    Very nice music. The piece is well suited to glass harp. Fun. Do you know someone else in Taiwan? (cool and can I meet them?) or what was the information trail that led you to the video if I may ask? I really do like living in the 21st century so far too. The information age is a beautiful thing. From international projects like Foldit to watching the way that one can teach Art History change overnight with things like Google Art Project to the ease of cheap communication with family and friends. I remember my mother saving up each month for a single phone call (after midnight when the rates were cheapest and the party line was free) once a month home to her mother and now being able to open up the computer and let my parents play with their granddaughter for hours for free via video chat, the world has some really beautiful things in it right now. (not to mention the ability to spend a day making irritating long comments on friend’s blogs from thousands of miles away) Thanks for the smile this morning. Enjoyed eating breakfast to the music. Hope you are having a good day,