I thought I’d hop on for a minute and add my solo to the chorus.

I’m in New York for the 40th Annual American Society of Journalists and Authors conference, staying with dear Brooklynite friends who graciously offered their hospitality (and couches!) to me while I’m in town.

One of my hosts moved to New York only two weeks before September 11—and lived a few blocks from the World Trade Center. Therefore, last night should have been a triumphant occasion for him, the symbolic resolution of a terrible tragedy. He and I gathered around the television with his younger Bohemian loft mates while images of Osama bin Laden flashed before us. We listened as President Obama spoke of justice being served.

While teens and drunk twentysomethings amassed at Times Square to chant and celebrate, we discussed NYC landmarks to avoid for the rest of the summer. The best strategies for coping with a dirty bomb. And the blue emergency backpack—filled with first aid supplies and food rations—that eternally hangs, untouched for years, upon their wall.

My friend suggested a headline for an upcoming issue of the satirical newspaper, The Onion: “Obama says two wrongs really do make a right.”

I now sit alone, with the humdrum of the city outside, dreaming of a world where none of this is necessary—where peace and unity are the status quo, not a fanciful notion for idealists. I believe that world is an evolutionary inevitability, like a child reaching adulthood, but this evening’s events remind me of how far we have yet to go.

But enough of my yakking; it’s time for some fun.

Today marks the beginning of the 2011 WordCount Blogathon, an annual community blogging event where writers from around the world commit to blogging 31 days in a row, the entire month of May. WordCount’s Michelle Rafter just sent an email to me saying that nearly 200 bloggers registered for the event, with the registrants ranging from green mommy bloggers to ABC News journalists to, well, little old me. I’m daunted by the task, but honored by the opportunity to play along.

3 responses to “Bandwagon”

  1. Alexandra

    Glad you are in the Blogathon again this year, Ron! Interesting to hear your take on the President’s speech and the deed. I was discussing it this evening with my husband, how Obama had no choice in needing to go for the kill. Still, this is not making me feel proud to be an American. And, retaliation is surely on the way.

  2. Lisa

    Hey, Ron. Interesting post; it’s difficult to know what to think about the world these days.

    Are you managing to keep up with the blogathon? Blogging on different sites each day?