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6 Ways to Defend Your Blog Copyright

6 Ways to Defend Your Blog Copyright

Guest blogging over at WordCount today, offering several tips for protecting the precious. Check it out:


I thought I’d hop on for a minute and add my solo to the chorus.

Google +1: Facebook's Like shouldn't worry, but Evernote should

Google +1: Facebook’s Like shouldn’t worry, but Evernote should

The search giant hasn’t created the next “Like” button. It’s created the world’s simplest (and most powerful?) research bookmarking tool. Google introduced +1 to the world on Wednesday, an experimental tool that adds a feature similar to Facebook’s Like button to Google searches. Because the snazzy new button is so, well, Like-like, everyone’s talking about […]

Happy birthday, Madeleine.

People don’t believe me, but there was a pop No kidding, like a champagne cork And suddenly burst forth baby. Two words—paradigm shift. And I lashed myself forty times for every impure thing I’ve ever done For every hateful word I’ve ever spoke And for every time I said “I don’t want children.” We made […]

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A little mathematical perspective

I thought I had a terrible day, but then I added things up: -1 = Pulling onto a road shoulder that doesn’t exist and getting car stuck -1 = Completely blowing my stack +1 = My wife giving me a reason to calm down +1 = The charity of strangers with a towing strap -1 […]