COMM 4203

A neural map from a human brain.

Created in our likeness

There are more neural connections in your brain right now than stars in the entire universe.  The average human brain has 10 trillion (10,000,000,000,000) synaptic connections, allowing us to look at a total stranger and think, “he looks like my Uncle Bob” or smell rosemary and remember a house we rented in college.  Those connections […]

Change your tactics, not your strategy.

Change your tactics, not your strategy.

The goal is the meal, the strategy is the recipe, and the tactic is how you still get dinner on the table when one of the ingredients is missing—but you’ve been borrowing butter from your neighbor.

Penelope Trunk actually fascinates me for a change.

Penelope Trunk actually fascinates me for a change.

Since 2004, Technorati has published the “State of the Blogosphere,” an ever evolving attempt to quantify and qualify the world that is Blog.  Last October, the Technorati decided to interview several elite blogocrats and let them, as they’re known to do, declare reality for the rest of us—the millions and millions of bloggers that aren’t […]

Which goes first? The brain or the head?

Think about the last time you learned about something new—a recipe, a culture, a method for determining whether or not you’re Twitter Trash, etc. Here’s the question: did you jump in headfirst or did you analyze the situation before you began?

"Oh, blog, I love you soooo much..."


No, not me. I have toddlers, I have an adventurous wife, and today
I went to an indoor carnival that smelled like shoes then requested
songs from mariachis during lunch. I’m never, ever bored. But apparently the rest of the world is bored to tears.

What's your blog's orientation?

What’s your blog’s orientation?

Is your blog goal-oriented, activity-oriented, or learning-oriented?

Pedagogy vs. Andragogy

Pedagogy vs. Andragogy