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REACTION: McDonald’s Marketing and Ronald McDonald Come Under Fire –

The link: McDonald’s Marketing and Ronald McDonald Come Under Fire – Here’s why I support the 550 health professionals who penned this open letter to McDonald’s: In elementary school, bullies and insensitive twits called me Ronald McDonald (and Ronald Reagan). Please, by all means, kill that stupid clown. I can’t support, however, an argument […]

Happy birthday, Madeleine.

People don’t believe me, but there was a pop No kidding, like a champagne cork And suddenly burst forth baby. Two words—paradigm shift. And I lashed myself forty times for every impure thing I’ve ever done For every hateful word I’ve ever spoke And for every time I said “I don’t want children.” We made […]

Bye Bye, Lila (Madeleine)

Lila calls her sister Lila, even though she knows her name is Madeleine.

(Photo courtesy of YesorNoDC)

Why does Hollywood exonerate Roman Polanski?

Do celebrities actually believe in Polanski’s innocence, or simply pity the fugitive director’s past?

The Potty Problem

The Potty Problem

When a parent of the opposite gender takes their child to the bathroom, which door is the right one?