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The Ten Biggest Mistakes New Bloggers Make

As usual, the sassy, self-referential and sometimes solipsistic world of blogging is chattering about how to be a blogger, as if all readers of blogs are writers of blogs, which may be mostly true but certainly must bug the bejesus out of folks who prefer reading news and commentary online but still think blog is […]

Google +1: Facebook's Like shouldn't worry, but Evernote should

Google +1: Facebook’s Like shouldn’t worry, but Evernote should

The search giant hasn’t created the next “Like” button. It’s created the world’s simplest (and most powerful?) research bookmarking tool. Google introduced +1 to the world on Wednesday, an experimental tool that adds a feature similar to Facebook’s Like button to Google searches. Because the snazzy new button is so, well, Like-like, everyone’s talking about […]

So You Want to Be a Journalist (Xtranormal)

Yep. This sums things up quite nicely. Video originally created by BrooklynLee. Visit the filmmaker’s Xtranormal page and post a comment if you enjoyed it: So You Want to Be a Journalist.

The Demise of Newspapers Foretold by Hello Kitty?

The Demise of Newspapers Foretold by Hello Kitty?

While browsing books with my daughters in the children’s library, I came across this book: Published in 2005, Hello Kitty What Will I Be A to Z is a cute little picture book that places Sanrio‘s Hello Kitty in 26 different careers, surrounded by the essential tools of that trade. I was excited to find, […]