FTC: Bloggers Must Disclose Product Review Perks

FTC: Bloggers Must Disclose Product Review Perks

New FTC rules will require bloggers to disclose any compensation received for product reviews.

Dear Evernote

Dear Evernote

Dearest Evernote, It’s been so long since we were last together. Do you remember last summer? You and I, hand-in-hand, making notes of everything fabulous and fascinating on the internet? Oh, how I loved you so. You were always by my side—on my laptop, on my smartphone, your handy Web Clipper in my Firefox window, […]

Mr. Know-It-All: My Interview with's Cheap Thrills

If you’re here looking for Ron Ron’s “Mr. No-It-All,” click here to listen to the entire mixtape for free And don’t say I never did anything nice for you. Thanks to my success with Twittercize, I’m occasionally asked to give interviews and guest lectures about social media and Twitter.  In every interview I manage […]

"Set phasers to FREE!"

Book Review: Chris Anderson's Free has Star Trek on the Brain

For the record: I really like Chris Anderson, and I believe he’s running one of the best print magazines ever created.  Wired is a a key defense witness in the trial against print magazines—and I’m not just saying that because I’d like a byline in the publication someday.  I really am a subscriber, a fan, […]

Freelance-ology: Should I bother?

Freelance-ology: Should I bother?

A few weeks ago I declared that I would experiment with as a freelance writing income model, under my hypothesis that content aggregators like Helium are not viable income sources for writers—and might encourage the demise of journalism’s integrity. When I first joined the debate over Helium last month, I found a muddled mess […]

Freelance-ology: How to Stop Stalling and Start Freelancing

Step #1: Turn that Freelance Dream into Reality! For whatever reason—you were downsized, your family was upsized, or you grew an ulcer the size of the Astrodome and decided the 9-to-5 life was not for you—now you’re a member of the Gig Economy and hoping to scrape together enough small projects to score a Nut […]

Say whaaaa?

Freelance-ology: Proceeding with Trepidation

When I declared yesterday that I’m launching a quasi-scientific experiment on the content aggregator, I expected reactions to look something like this: Eek! Don’t do it! I don’t know anything about it but it must be bad! or Yippee! Do it! I’m paid by to encourage you! Instead, I got responses more like […]