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Does iTunes Genius hate Bob Marley?

Does iTunes Genius hate Bob Marley?

Bob Marley and several other artists seem to be segregated by iTunes Genius mixes and playlists.

A neural map from a human brain.

Created in our likeness

There are more neural connections in your brain right now than stars in the entire universe.  The average human brain has 10 trillion (10,000,000,000,000) synaptic connections, allowing us to look at a total stranger and think, “he looks like my Uncle Bob” or smell rosemary and remember a house we rented in college.  Those connections […]

Trading up for Ireland

Trading up for Ireland

In January, fellow freelance writer Rosie Colombraro embarked upon a mission to do something different with her blog, Trust the Universe, and with her New Year’s resolutions.  Like the guy who traded up from a giant paper clip to a house, Rosie decided to trade up some of her belongings for a trip to Ireland. […]

Which goes first? The brain or the head?

Think about the last time you learned about something new—a recipe, a culture, a method for determining whether or not you’re Twitter Trash, etc. Here’s the question: did you jump in headfirst or did you analyze the situation before you began?

"Doesn't it look huge in my tiny, tiny hands?!"

Tiny Steve Jobs unveils new iPod Touch, calls it “iPad”

Steve Jobs stepped onto the stage this morning carrying what tech pundits hoped would be the fabled Apple tablet computer. The audience, however, which seemed to be oohing in awe of the new product, were in fact gasping at the fact that Steve Jobs was no more than three feet tall. “Isn’t that an iPhone, […]