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The Potty Problem

The Potty Problem

When a parent of the opposite gender takes their child to the bathroom, which door is the right one?


Yes, I did 2000 jumping jacks yesterday: To honor Twittercize’s 2000th follower on Twitter, I decided to do 2000 jumping jacks.  There were tweets of doubt, demands for video to confirm my actions, and ample warnings about the “impossible” challenge.  Here’s a tweet from @ECS_Dave, the 2000th follower: ECS_Dave @twittercize I’m almost certain you know […]

Playing in the dirt doesn't have to be a pain (Photo courtesy of stock.xchng)

Gardening Grief Relief

Ah, spring. The warm sun. Buds on the trees. And aching knees. Gardening is a fun, rewarding and calorie-blasting activity.  According to My Calorie Counter, an average 150lb person burns 273 calories for every hour of general lawn and garden work. And no other form of exercise gives yields such nutritious and delicious results! Still, […]

The Parent Hunch: One Exercise Every Parent Needs

I’ll admit it, I walked face first into a street sign. Go ahead and laugh; I certainly did! Why did it happen? I’ve got a hunch–I wasn’t looking up. I watched my toddler’s feet as we navigated a set of stairs, I scanned the ground for dropped objects, I protectively eyed the top of my […]

The Convenience Conspiracy: Five Unlikely Places to Lose Weight

The Convenience Conspiracy: Five Unlikely Places to Lose Weight

First, the good news. You’re always burning calories. Sitting? Burns calories. Sleeping? Yep, there too. Eating? Yes, even eating burns a surprising number of calories. Now for the bad news. Modern conveniences are designed to make you gain weight. We haven’t quite reached the sloth of humans in the film Wall-E, but make no mistake: […]