That’s Not Funny

Know thyself.

Know thyself.

Yes, that's a ziploc baggie full of dog doo.

Has Recycling Jumped the Shark?

Got this free sample at the 16th annual Furry Scurry, a Dumb Friends League charity, two mile walk/run and expo with over 6,000 dogs in attendance:

Um, hello? Anyone? I'm still here!

The Ten Biggest Mistakes New Bloggers Make

As usual, the sassy, self-referential and sometimes solipsistic world of blogging is chattering about how to be a blogger, as if all readers of blogs are writers of blogs, which may be mostly true but certainly must bug the bejesus out of folks who prefer reading news and commentary online but still think blog is […]


I thought I’d hop on for a minute and add my solo to the chorus.

A Day in the Life of…

I’m having a sitcom sort of day. Stats plugin is broken (UPDATED: Fixed!) Stats plugin is broken (UPDATED: Fixed!)

For self-hosted WordPress folks, the Stats plugin may be broken.

(Photo courtesy of YesorNoDC)

Why does Hollywood exonerate Roman Polanski?

Do celebrities actually believe in Polanski’s innocence, or simply pity the fugitive director’s past?