Are bloggers and citizen journalists unethical?

dotcomkeychainBloggers and citizen journalists are often accused of—and exposed to opportunities for—unethical behavior. In today’s world of digital publishing, it’s very difficult to know who’s really reporting, how their reporting is funded, and whether or not the information they present is accurate. If you thought Bill Cosby was dead last August, you know what I’m talking about.

Typically, this is the part of my blog post where I’d share the results of some snazzy new research that helps answer the question I posed in my title, or some witty little joke about why I think a statement is true or false. Today, however, you’re in for a special treat—you get to be part of the research.

You’re hereby invited to participate in a university research survey that will will gather information about the perceived ethical standards of professional journalists versus citizen journalists and the general public. I’ve gathered data from professional journalists, but still need responses from bloggers and the general public. Can you help me out, blogarinos?

Participation in this survey should take 5-10 minutes of your time. The survey includes 3-4 basic demographic questions, 19 opinion questions, and two ethical scenarios. Submissions will be accepted until Feburary 8, 2011. Results will be published at’s You 2.0.


Click here to take the survey.

So You Want to Be a Journalist (Xtranormal)

Yep. This sums things up quite nicely.

Video originally created by BrooklynLee. Visit the filmmaker’s Xtranormal page and post a comment if you enjoyed it: So You Want to Be a Journalist.