Twittercize is my little side volunteer project, a free workout program that delivers one minute exercise suggestions to you via your favorite Twitter device.

Twittercize has received attention from Wired Flash News, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, on talk radio in Sydney and Washington, D.C., Craig Stoltz’s Web 2.Oh Really? blog,,, and dozens of other blogs and online media outlets.

To celebrate Twittercize’s 2000th follower, I did 2000 jumping jacks in one day, filmed it all, and compressed the video into about 1.5 minutes.  Click here to see the video on youTube!

Click here to visit Twittercize on Twitter

Even though one minute exercises sound a little silly, the program is actually based on research that shows short burst, high intensity exercise can have the same benefits as longer exercise sessions.  Research in Canada shows reduced heart risks, research in Scotland shows reduced risk of diabetes, and research in Texas shows improved endurance—all from short burst exercises.

I know it won’t get us ready for the Boston Marathon, but if you’re an internet addict like me, it’s at bare minimum a nice reminder to get up and move around every hour. So, bon apetit!

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  2. Judy

    I’m not on Twitter. Can they be sent right to my email address?

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